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My Weaning Adventure Diary

My Weaning Adventure Diary

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Plan and track your baby's weaning adventure, as they set off to explore the world of food, flavours and texture. This practical weaning diary is jam-packed full of information and tools to support you on your baby's weaning adventure. We've worked with Lucy Upton (Specialist Paediatric Dietitian), Jenna Brown (Environmental Health Practitioner) and Kate Ball (Mini First Aid), to equip you with an overview of each stage of weaning, a summary on food safety and first aid top tips.

This A5 weaning diary has 204 pages in total (102 double sided) and includes six sections. Here is a summary below of some of the topics and tools in the diary:

My Weaning Adventure:

  • The Start Of My Weaning Adventure (capture a first weaning photo!)
  • Weaning Essentials List
  • Adventure Timeline
  • My Adventure Of New Foods (Capture a list)
  • Recipe Reminders (Record a note of your favourite recipe page numbers!)
  • Weaning Questions And Answers:
    • Is 'food before one just for fun' ?
    • Which meal should I start with first?
    • How do I know when my baby is ready to start solids?
    • Spoon feeding vs. baby-led weaning or can I do both?
    • What portion sizes should I offer?
    • What foods and drinks should I avoid?
    • When can I offer finger foods, and how do I do this safely?

Stage One:

  • Finding Your Feet With First Tastes (With First Flavours Tracker). You can either write in your first flavours, or purchase a sheet of our fruit & vegetable stickers.
  • Following On From First Flavours
  • Introducing Common Food Allergens (With Allergen Tracker)
  • A Guide To Meals And Timings For Stage One
  • Top Tips For Stage One
  • Daily Food Adventure Log (First 28 Days)

Stage Two:

  • Building To Balanced Meals And Beyond
  • Weaning Memories (space for fun photos!)
  • Building Mini Meals
  • Food Group Examples
  • Finger Foods
  • Texture Transition
  • A Guide To Meals And Timings For Stage Two
  • Top Tips For Stage Two
  • Daily Food Adventure Log (First 28 Days)

 Stage Three:

  • Taking Steps To Family Foods
  • Weaning Memories (space for fun photos!)
  • Focus On Family Meals
  • Maintain The Balance
  • Other Nutrients To Consider
  • Next Steps With Finger Foods
  • Texture Transition
  • A Guide To Meals And Timings For Stage Three
  • Top Tips For Stage Three
  • Daily Food Adventure Log (First 28 Days)

 Stage Four:

  • Moving On From Weaning Into The Early Years
  • Toddler Appetite And Growth
  • Mealtime Routine
  • Mealtime Balance
  • Milk Changes
  • Top Tips With Feeding In The Early Years
  • Weekly Meal Planning (4 Weeks)

Adventure Support:

  • Vitamin Supplementation For Babies
  • Food Safety When Weaning
  • Mini First Aid's Top Tips For Weaning 


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