About Us


My name is Jade and I'm a Mummy to two beautiful girls.

Having been through the weaning process twice now, I completely understand how overwhelmed you can feel by where to start, how to introduce foods, safely introducing allergens, the amount of varied information out there, which methods to follow and also some of the many challenges that you can experience.

We are very much a family business, and when I started this business in 2019, I came up with the unique idea of a weaning focused stationery business. Combining my love for stationery and planning, I wanted to help make weaning fun and enjoyable, by providing the tools and resources to support parents on their adventure! 

Our range has expanded over the last couple of years, and we now provide a range of stationary products in the form of sticker charts, diaries, journals and meal planners (some products can be personalised too!). We work with a professional Paediatric Dietitian called Lucy Upton, who provides all of the evidence-based information alongside our products.

We have a weaning support community over on Facebook 'Weanabies' and we frequently share our professional and personal adventure on Instagram @myfirstflavours

We hope that you will enjoy using our products on your baby's adventure to exploring the world of food, flavours and texture! Our inbox is always open if you ever have any questions.

Best wishes,

Founder of My First Flavours

Any information and videos shared in this hub are for education and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice or medical advice.

Any individual queries or questions regarding feeding, introduction of these foods, how to safely serve foods, medical diagnosis or treatment, first aid, food safety advice or other questions should be directed to either a child’s individual medical practitioner or the relevant professional.