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Ultimate Weaning Bundle - Weaning Diary, Weaning Chart, Meal Planner

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Included within our Ultimate Weaning Adventure Bundle:

Weaning Chart:

The My First Flavours Chart is perfect for either planning ahead for your baby's first two weeks of weaning or for adding a new sticker per day as each new flavour is tried. The chart comes blank with a sheet of 35 stickers including the 'My First Flavours Fruit & Vegetable Family' to add a little extra fun to the start of your weaning journey! (See individual chart listing in our Shop for more detailed information). 


Dry Wipe Meal Planner: Our reusable, dry wipe A3 weekly meal planner helps you to plan out your little one’s meals for the week. With sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, this handy planner is great to use whilst writing out your shopping list or doing your online food shop! There is also a useful notes section where you can write down things like best before / use by dates, recipe reminders or reminders to take things out of the freezer! (Snacks recommended by the NHS from 12+ months).

All meal planners come with a full magnetic backing and two screwholes as standard, but you can also choose the option to add FREE ribbon if you would prefer to hang your planner up vs. fridge mounting.

Our planner has a dry-wipe surface, so that you can reuse it every week with a dry wipe pen. We include a black Arteza Dry wipe marker pen with the planner (please note that the pen may vary from the image), so that you can get planning right away. Don’t forget to personalise your meal planner by writing your child’s name at the top each week! See planner care below.

Weaning Diary:

Capture your baby's weaning adventure as they explore the world of new foods, flavours and textures.

Included in the A5 diary:
- 98 Pages (49 double sided)
- Capture a fun weaning photo each month for the first 6 months (We can add
 a photo to the first page of your diary for you - this will be the same image as your chart)
- Weaning Essentials Summary
- Record a list of new foods (up to 120 lines), remember your favourite recipes and log your freezer stock.
- One Page Summary Guide on the Weaning Timeline
- Track introducing the Top 9 Most Common Food Allergens. Included is a mini booklet about 'Introducing Common Food Allergens' written by Registered Paediatric Dietitian, Lucy Upton. @childrensdietitian
-**NEW** Track baby's first 10-14 days of first tastes! You can either handwrite in the boxes, or purchase a sheet of fruit & vegetable stickers from our shop for some extra fun.
- 8 weeks of a daily food log. With a page for each day, you can record what baby had for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. You can tick a box for how many meals that baby is having, so the diary can be used for any stage of weaning that you require it for! (Each baby also progresses with increasing the number of meals at different paces!) The pages are undated, so that you can pick-up wherever you left off.
- One Weaning Q&A Booklet - written by Paediatrician Dietitian, Lucy Upton. @childrensdietitian (One booklet per order will be included if you are buying multiple products, unless part of your order is for a gift / somebody else then please email me to include more than one)
- **NEW** 6 Additional notes pages at the back to record reminders, allergen notes, full recipes.

Please note that the sheet of stickers are not included - you can purchase these as an addition from our shop.


Remember that you also have the option to personalise your chart and diary with your choice of name and photo! See the 'Personalised' section below for how to personalise your products.


Please refer to important information at the bottom of the page before placing your order.


We can print and add a photo and name to your chart.

We can print and add a picture for your first photo page! There is a white area below the photo where you can write your baby's name on when it arrives (we recommend that a fine permanent marker pen works the best!). Just select the option and use the image upload function. For bundles with a chart and diary, we will use the same image.

What makes a good photo?

- High resolution
- Clear lighting
- The image will be used in a square frame, so try not to use any really close up images. We can crop the image to best suit the image area.
- Please be aware that any close up images, may result in parts of the photo cropped out. 
- Please make sure that a suitable image is provided to the above specification, as these can not be reprinted.

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