Review: Doidy Weaning Cup & Bowl

Like I'm sure that many parents do, I ended up having a collection of different branded weaning plates and cups, eager to find which ones would work best!

Finding the right drinking cup can certainly be one challenge, but finding a really well suctioned plate to prevent the meal that just took you an hour to prepare being thrown all over the floor, is another challenge. 

Regardless of the different brands that I tried, I was quite impressed with the determination of my little girl to overcome releasing every suction plate that I tried with her. Around 8 months ago, we were kindly gifted a Doidy Weaning Bowl and Cup and I can honestly say that I would highly recommend these products. I first heard about the Doidy cup in our NCT antenatal class, so Doidy was always at the top of my list of products to buy when weaning was due to start.

Doidy Bowl

As you will see from the below images, this bowl has certainly been well travelled! We honestly take it EVERYWHERE - from Portugal, to meals out, weekends away and family visits.

The Doidy Bowl is made from food grade silicone (which is is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free!) and as it is soft and pliable. This makes it really easy to roll up and transport, hence why we take it everywhere! Although it is still a firm favourite to use at home too, as it has a super suction base to help prevent messy spills and it is really easy to wash (it is dishwasher and microwave safe!).

The bowl also has a really clever design where the bowl edge is slanted, which helps your baby learn to ‘push and scoop’ food against the high-sided lip. I opted for this lovely pink colour, but the bowl also comes in red and blue too!

Weaning on the go with our Doidy Bowl!
Weaning on the go with our Doidy Bowl!

Doidy Cup

My daughter was exclusively breastfed and had never had a bottle, so finding the right drinking cup was going to be a big challenge! It made sense for us to move her straight to a cup and, having spent time researching the internet for 'the best baby drinking cup', research showed that drinking from the Doidy Cup is a natural progression from breast feeding because it uses the same suckling action, so this was perfect! She does use a 360 cup on the go, but we have always used the Doidy Cup to help her practise drinking from an open cup. Of course practice makes perfect and this doesn't happen straight away (there are spillages which is all a part of the learning process!), but my little girl has now mastered the skill! 

At 17 months old now, there is something that she finds really amusing when we hand her the Doidy Cup to drink from - she absolutely loves drinking from it and points at the cup asking for it to be refilled!


There are SO many great features about the Doidy cup that were important to me when considering which cup to purchase, so I thought that it would be easier to condense them into a list below:

- It can be used from around 3 months old (for their milk)

- The cup has a sloping design which allows a more natural upward and downward motion of the hands and arms

- This cup can help to prevent long term health problems caused by delayed weaning from the bottle, such as potential premature tooth decay and speech problems

-  Drinking from the Doidy Cup is a natural progression from breast feeding (it uses the same suckling action)

- My little girl loves drinking independently from the cup and asks for it to be re-filled

- The cup is hygienic, steriliser-safe, dishwasher-proof (top shelf) and freezer-proof

- Available in 17 different colours!


I really wanted to take the personal time to write a blog about these two products, as I have honestly loved (and still love) using them. I hope that this blog has helped when considering which weaning products to buy and please feel free to ask any questions!

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